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Steelers Playoff Scenarios Would Get Boost with Chargers Loss on MNF



Steelers Playoff

The Pittsburgh Steelers have at least one path to the 2022 NFL playoffs. With some help on Monday, they might get more than one.

The Miami Dolphins loss to the Green Bay Packers on Christmas means that the Steelers are alive for another week. But the Steelers need at least one team to lose each of their final three games.

That could be the Dolphins. It could also be the Los Angeles Chargers, who play their Week 16 game against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night. The Chargers have the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Broncos, two teams already eliminated from playoff contention, so the chances of them losing the remaining three seems low, but the Steelers need all the help they can get.

If the Chargers win on Monday night, then the Steelers will be eliminated with any Dolphins win over the next two weeks. Miami visits New England on Sunday and then hosts the New York Jets in Week 18.

If the Chargers win either on Monday night or in their Week 17 crosstown game against the Rams, and the Dolphins beat the Patriots on Sunday afternoon, the Steelers would be eliminated before they take the field for their Sunday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the more-likely scenario where it’s the Dolphins losing out instead of the Chargers, the Steelers would then also need the Jets and Patriots to lose their other game. Because the Steelers lost to both teams head to head, they have to finish with a better record and avoid any ties.


Steelers beat Ravens and Browns
Dolphins lose to Patriots and Jets
Jets lose to Seahawks
Patriots lose to Bills


Steelers beat Ravens and Browns
Chargers lose to Colts, Rams and Broncos
Jets lose one of two final games


Steelers beat Ravens and Browns
Chargers lose to Colts, Rams and Broncos
Patriots lose one of two final games

There may be some more convoluted scenarios that get the Steelers to the postseason, and none of this incudes the possibility of ties, but when you’re looking at the Steelers having a 4% chance of making the playoffs as on Monday morning, according to Five Thirty Eight, most of that is tied up in these three scenarios. So if the Colts prevail on Monday, the Steelers will keep a lot more paths to a playoff spot open.

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