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Steelers Propose NFL Rule Change to Move Trade Deadline Back



Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II
Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II at the NFL owner's meetings, March 29, 2023. -- Alan Saunders / Steelers Now

The Pittsburgh Steelers have submitted a bylaw change proposal to the National Football League, asking for the traded deadline to be moved back, starting with he 2024 season.

The Steelers’ proposal was one of a number announced by the NFL on Wednesday that will be voted on during the NFL Annual League Meeting later this month in Orlando, Florida.

The Steelers proposed to move the trade deadline, which is currently set for the Tuesday between Week 8 and Week 9, back one week, to the Tuesday between Week 9 and Week 10. 

The rationale for the move is that the deadline was moved from the midpoint of the season to before the midpoint when the league went from a 16- to a 17-game schedule.

The Steelers lost linebackers Cole Holcomb in Week 9 and Kwon Alexander in Week 10 last year, forcing the club to lean on “off the couch” defenders Mykal Walker and Myles Jack down the stretch runs and in the playoffs.

The Steelers aren’t the only team that wants the trade deadline shifted forward. The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders all co-sponsored a proposal to move the trade deadline back two weeks, to the Tuesday between Week 10 and Week 11.

With six teams already on board to move the deadline back in some capacity, it seems like a measure that should have some success, in one form or the other.

Other bylaw changes were made by the Detroit Lions, who submitted two changes. One would allow teams to put players directly onto the injured reserve list at the end of training camp and still return from the IR. The other would eliminate the upper limit on the total number of IR recalls for one team in a season. 

The Buffalo Bills have requested that a third player be able to be elevated from a team’s practice squad every week, if that player is going to serve as the team’s third, emergency quarterback.

There were also several playing rules changes proposed, regarding challenges, onside kicks and punt return spots.