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Steelers RB Najee Harris Interacts With Young Fans at Pirates Game Saturday



Steelers running back Najee Harris is back in town as the Steelers begin their offseason workout schedule soon. However, he is doing more than just hitting the iron at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex. On Saturday, Harris attended the Pirates’ evening matchup against the Washington Nationals.

To say the least, Harris not only was there, but he made his presence known. Both on the scoreboard at PNC Park and on the broadcast, Harris was repeatedly featured. Sitting right behind home plate for a portion of the game, Harris was videoed flexing with and enjoying time with some young fans.

His friends, Michael, Gus, and V, were there hanging out the entire day with Harris. It appears that they competed in the Junior Olympics, and Harris repaid it through not just a signed jersey, but an entire night with him.

“I met all of them,” Harris on the broadcast. “They were all doing the Junior Olympics for a signed jersey. Michael cheated, but Michael won. Gus came in second, but Gus put in the hard work. He pushed him though.”

After a night of hanging out with the young winners, it would appear that they have endeared themselves to Harris quite well.

Harris is often seen interacting with the community, and the fans, so his inclusion and willingness to do this is not a surprise. One of the main reasons the Steelers were attracted to Harris was because of his personality and character. It seems that it continues to shine through, and that personality has made Harris a fan favorite quickly.

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