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Ex-Steelers OC Thinks Russell Wilson/Justin Fields Package Will Be Lethal



Steelers Todd Haley

With Justin Fields’ superb athleticism, he bring a different dimension to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback room. Something that the Steelers haven’t had since Kordell Stewart was the quarterback over 20 years ago.

Since 2022, Fields has the most rushing yards by a quarterback with 1,800 yards, 6.3 yards per carry. Even if he isn’t the starter, which is expected to be the case, Fields will still have to be accounted for if the Steelers implement a special package.

Former Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley thinks a Russell Wilson and Fields combination would be a nightmare for defensive coordinators to plan for.

“I would hate to be a DC preparing to play @DangeRussWilson and Fields. I see a series a half for Fields that brings different element. Not enough practice time,” Haley wrote on X.

Chris Simms of NBC Sports also threw it out there that the Steelers should have a special package for Fields.

“Really like what the Steelers have done with their QB room. Maybe they have a special package for Justin Fields. Either way he should get a chance to develop and hopefully learn a bit from a veteran in Russ,” Simms wrote on X.

Simms’ colleague Mike Florio thinks a Fields package could be Kordell Stewart-like.

“I think back twenty years — thirty years…to 1995. Kordell Stewart; a rookie, Slash. Neil O’Donnell, the starter. Kordell Stewart comes in from time to time, plays a little receiver, plays a little quarterback. What about Justin Fields in specialty packages, just like they used Kordell Stewart back in 1995?” Florio said “Talk about something to put stress on a defense. We know what Justin Fields can do with the ball in his hands. We know that he’s one of the most dangerous running quarterbacks in the NFL. Will they [Steelers] start using him in different ways? They’ve made this investment. I think they’ll find a way to use him. I think that we’ll see maybe both guys on the field at the same time. Either way, it gives new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith a lot of things he can do. This is fascinating for the Steelers.”

Shortly after the trade was announced, Wilson welcomed Fields to Pittsburgh on social media.

“Let’s get it @justnfields! QB room bout to be 🔥 🔥 🔥,” Wilson wrote on X.

It turns out that Wilson is a player that Fields always admired. Gene Chamberlain of Bears Digest noted that Fields once told the Chicago media that he tried to pattern his play after Wilson.

“I would say when I was younger, like maybe eighth, ninth grade, it was more Cam Newton,” Fields said a day after he was drafted. “But I would say these past couple years I’ve kind of turned more to a Russell Wilson-type quarterback.

“I’ve watched a lot of film on him. I’ve watched a lot of highlights on him, so I think the things that we can do on the field with both of those quarterbacks, I think we have a lot of similarities between extending plays with our legs and also having the arm talent.”