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2024 NFL Draft

Steelers Trade up for Heisman Finalist QB in New Mock Draft



Steelers draft QB Michael Penix Jr.

The Steelers could look to add a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. While that process has not started, and it is not sure just who the team will look at, it certainly feels like changes will be coming to the quarterback position. It just depends on how drastic those changes will end up being.

In a new mock draft by CBS Sports’ Ryan Wilson, he believes the team should look to trade up for a quarterback. But in his latest mock draft, it was trading up for Washington quarterback and Heisman finalist Michael Penix Jr., who he sees as being a guy who could expand Pittsburgh’s offense.

“The Steelers’ offense feels like it’s coming from the 1850s, not even the 1950s,” Wilson said. “And what you get from Michael Penix Jr. is a guy who can throw the deep ball. And guess what Diontae Johnson and George Pickens like to do? Run deep. Now, who knows what this looks like a year from now with so much going on in the locker, Michael Penix Jr. is special. He’s one of if not the best deep ball thrower in college football.”

Wilson hits it on the head that the team could trade up in the draft for a quarterback. I’m not sure Penix is the guy. In fact, I don’t think he’s much of a first-round quarterback, but could be a fascinating mid-round player. We could be talking about someone like Jayden Daniels in this spot, though.

For Daniels, it makes sense with his dynamic ability. He has a winning pedigree. The corners for Daniels generally remained the same since he was a freshman. Daniels is lighter than your average quarterback and plays with reckless abandonment in the open field.

There are levels to the guys they could get and what their plan might be, but it’s not good enough right now. So, a young player to at least bank on feels like a smart move with how Mitch Trubisky has played, and the likelihood that Mason Rudolph walks.