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T.J. Watt Refuses to Shut Season Down Despite Injuries



Steelers T.J. Watt

PITTSBURGH — T.J. Watt is starting to feel healthier. The Steelers star outside linebacker says that two weeks after he suffered the rib injury against the Indianapolis Colts, they are finally feeling better. While they are far from truly being 100 percent, it is the best that they have felt since he suffered the injury.

“Yep, it’s feeling a lot better,” Watt said. “It’s on the come up for sure. Not 100 percent but a lot better but getting there.”

Watt had worn a rib protector throughout the last two games, but he felt that it was too restrictive to play with it. So, Watt worked through the injury without any padding at all. It’s a show of toughness from Watt who has dealt with too many injuries to count thus far on the season.

“It’s too restrictive, I don’t want to wear it,” Watt said.

But regardless of the injury, the idea that Watt would shut it down for the season never crossed his mind. He was determined to battle through the injury no matter how injury-plagued it might be. If the Steelers are still playing, Watt will still be out on the football field.

“No, I don’t want to any games at this point,” Watt said. “It never crossed my mind.”

Watt will continue to battle through the injury, though it seems like he could potentially be getting healthier. As it stands, Watt will continue to play as the Steelers try to creep their way into the playoffs.

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