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Tomlin: Derrick Henry ‘Like Bud Dupree Running the Football … Except Faster’



Derrick Henry can make a would-be tackler look awful foolish. Just ask Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman, who Henry stiff-armed into oblivion last Tuesday night.

He can also make an entire team of would-be tacklers look foolish, as he did to the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon, with the entire squad unable to catch the Titans’ 238-pound back as he raced away down the field.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said there’s good reason to be fearful of the things that Henry can do on the football field.

“There are people that are intimidated by him,” Tomlin said Tuesday. “There are tangible things to be intimidated by. This is like Bud Dupree running the football. This guy gets into your secondary. It’s like trying to tackle a guy like Bud, except he is faster, obviously, than Bud.

“You can see DBs having issues with that. Hopefully, we minimize the amount of time our guys are in those circumstances, and hopefully, when our guys are in those circumstances, they do what they have to do.”

Of course, the Steelers have done pretty well when it comes to shutting down top opposing running backs.

New York Giants star Saquon Barkley had just six yards on 15 carries in Week 1. Last week, Kareem Hunt totaled just 40 yards on 13 carries.

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