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Travis Kelce Regrets Talking Trash to James Harrison



Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison

On the latest episode of The New Heights podcast, Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce recalled the time that he talked trash to former Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker on the field, which turned out to be a massive mistake.

“I’ll tell you what, I talked smack to the wrong guy. James Harrison, man. I ended up getting his wrath,” Kelce told his brother Jason and guest Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley. “He played the outside backer position where he’d be sometimes be over number two in the slot. We’re playing in Pittsburgh. I’m talking a little bit of s*** to him. He’s staring at me with the black visor. Can’t really see if he’s looking at me but I know he’s looking at me. Because he’s not saying anything.

“Couple quarters go by. I’m looking in at the ball because it’s a silent cadence. Just absolutely smoked me off the line of scrimmage. F***** up the whole play. I’m going to (quarterback Alex Smith) like, ‘I don’t what you want me to do there.’ I’m looking at the ball. He’s looking at my blindside. Obviously never talked s*** to him again.”

It’s unclear what play or game Kelce is referring to, but it had to happen in 2014 or 2016 when the Steelers hosted the Chiefs. That’s the only time Harrison and Kelce played against each other in Pittsburgh. Both were wins for the Steelers, a 20-12 win in 2014 and a 43-14 win in 2016.

Kelce never talked trash to Harrison again on the field, but he was upset with him in the 2016 Divisional Round game for embellishing a holding call late in the game. At least that’s what Kelce claimed.

A holding penalty on left tackle Eric Fisher, which negated Alex Smith’s successful 2-point conversion late in the fourth quarter prevented the Chiefs from tying the Steelers late in the game. The Chiefs never saw the ball again after their failed second attempt from the 12-yard line, and the Steelers ran out the clock to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

After the game — an 18-16 Pittsburgh victory — Kelce called the Fisher holding penalty “horses***.” He said that the “ref felt bad for James Harrison falling on the ground.” He finished by saying the official who threw that flag “shouldn’t even be able to work at f—— Foot Locker.”