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2023 NFL Draft

What Would Steelers Get for Trading Down from No. 32?



Steelers 2023 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers are likely considering a trade down from pick No. 32 in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft on Friday, as they have been reported to be fielding multiple calls for the pick, and general manager Omar Khan and coach Mike Tomlin more than hinted that they would be interested in trading down from that spot earlier this week.

The Steelers will have to weight trading down with an attractive board left over from the first round that includes defensive backs Joey Porter Jr. of Penn State and Brian Branch of Alabama.

But the Steelers also have no picks between No. 80 in the third round and No. 241 in the seventh round after trading their fourth-round pick to the New England Patriots on Thursday to move up to get Broderick Jones. The Steelers had previously traded their fifth- and sixth-round picks.

If they do trade down, what could they hope to recoup in terms of draft capital from such a move? Well, obviously, it depends on how far they go. Let’s take a look.

Using the Rich Hill Trade Value Chart via DraftTek (there are many models, but most are similar), the Steelers have 184 points of draft capital in pick No. 32.

Here’s what they would get for moving down to each of the following picks all the way down to the Steelers’ next pick at No. 49, and the closest approximation of that value the trading team has to offer.

33, Arizona: four points, pick No. 213 in 6th round
34, Detroit: nine points, pick No. 168 in 5th round
35, Indianapolis: 14 points, pick No. 138 in 5th round
36, Los Angeles Rams: 18 points, picks No. 167 in 5th round, No. 171 in 5th round
37, Seattle: 22 points, pick No. 123 in 4th round
38, Las Vegas: 27 points, pick No. 109 in 4th round
39, Carolina: 31 points, picks No. 132 in 4th round, No. 145 in 5th round
40, New Orleans: 35 points, picks No. 115 in 4th round, No. 146 in 5th round
41, Tennessee: 38 points, no 2023 picks fit; 2024 3rd-round pick is most feasible
42, Green Bay: 42 points, picks No. 116 in 4th round, No. 149 in 5th round, No. 207 in 6th round
43, New York Jets: 46 points, picks No. 112 in 4th round, No. 143 in 5th round, No. 170 in 5th round
44, Atlanta: 49 points: picks No. 110 in 4th round, No. 113 in 4th round
45, Green Bay: 53 points, pick No. 78 in 3rd round
46, New England: 56 points, pick No. 76 in 3rd round
47, Washington: 60 points: picks No. 95 in 3rd round, No. 118 in 4th round
48, Detroit: 63 points: no 2023 picks fit; 2024 2nd-round pick is most feasible

Obviously, the combinations of pick could change, players could be exchanged, the Steelers could throw in additional picks, and 2024 picks could get in involved. But that should give you a pretty good outline of what the Steelers could get from moving down.

They also, of course, hope to get above-traditional value for their pick with quarterbacks Will Levis and Hendon Hooker available for any team that may want to get them after falling out of the first round.