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360 USFL Players Unionize with United Steelworkers




Players from the United States Football League (USFL) are joining forces with United Steelworkers.

According to Daily Union Elections, 360 players are unionizing during the 2022 season.

Thanks to the agreement and a partnership with Strategic Education’s Capella University and Strayer University, players are able to receive a college degree “tuition-free and debt-free.”

Players can opt to take classes either in-person or through online learning. 

They are also being compensated for unionizing with the company. 

Active roster players will receive $45,000, $15,000 for members of the practice squad, as well as $600 weekly benefits for training camp.

$850 will also be awarded for every victory as a win bonus and $10,000 for winning the USFL Championship.

The USFL offers hotel prices at $75 per day as the spring league’s players are forced to pay their own rent. Team members are allowed to to share a room.

Coaches, team personnel, office clerical employees, guards, supervisors, and other employees are excluded from the union.

The United Steelworkers twitter page describes the organization as “fighting for better jobs, communities, and a brighter future.” United Steelworkers was founded in 1942 and houses its headquarters in Pittsburgh.

All games are being played in Birmingham, Alabama with the playoffs at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.