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Acrisure Stadium Sees Rising Flood Waters After Storm



Pittsburgh Steelers Acrisure Stadium

Rising flood waters encroached upon Acrisure Stadium, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, on Thursday after a massive rain storm this week saw all three rivers in Pittsburgh rise drastically.

The stadium itself is not flooded, but land closer to the Allegheny river, the river that borders it, is flooded, including part of the North Shore, including the walkways next to the river. The flooding is near the steps of the stadium from the south end zone, but roads next to the stadium are clear for people to drive around.

The Pittsburgh region received over four inches of rain, which ranks as the second highest total of rainfall in the region all-time over three days in April since the 19th-21st of April 1901. It is also the second highest three-day total ever in the region in the winter/spring months, November-April, since those three days in April 1901, according to the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh.

Acrisure Stadium is not hosting any major events this week or until June 1, when country artist Kenny Chesney and country act, Zac Brown Band, will host a concert. Pitt football will also host their annual spring game, but that is next Saturday.

Flood waters crested at 28.37 feet Thursday morning at the Point in downtown Pittsburgh, or the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers meet.

The rivers will slowly drop in elevation to close to normal over these coming days and most will come back to their usual level by early next week, if not earlier.

The flooding around the city has caught up to certain roads and parts of the highway in Pittsburgh as well. This includes “The Bathtub” an area of Interstate 376 next to downtown, causing traffic delays and longer travels than normal, so take care when driving around Pittsburgh this weekend.

Photo Gallery by Steelers Now Photographer Ed Thompson.