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2022 NFL Draft

Chase Claypool to Announce Steelers’ 2nd-Round Pick



Steelers Wide Receivers Chase Claypool Diontae Johnson

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool will announce the second-round pick for the organization tonight at the draft in Las Vegas. Claypool was a second-round and the No. 49 overall pick in the 2020 draft for the Steelers out of Notre Dame University.

The team is still looking to add a wide receiver in the draft after a NFL Draft record six went in the first 20 picks yesterday. Ironically, that means Claypool could be announcing the next addition to his own position group and some competition for him for playing time as the team’s No. 2 receiver opposite Diontae Johnson.

Claypool has flashed potential as a deep ball threat during his two-year career with the Steelers. He’s averaged 14.3 yards per catch, in those two years.

The team selected University of Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett with their first round pick yesterday. Announcing the Pickett pick was Steelers’ legendary full back Franco Harris. There was also a bit of irony in that announcement as Harris is Penn State University alumnus, a fierce rival of Pitt.

Harris though didn’t seem to care that he was announcing a rival’s name to play the most important position on his favorite football team. When he got the card he can be heard audibly saying “wow” while NFL commissioner Roger Goodell smiled and said, “that’s the real pick.”

Harris then said, “I love this” into the microphone before enthusiastically announcing Pickett as the teams pick. Harris was invited to announce the Steelers pick because it was the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception.

The play is considered the most iconic in Steelers’ history and arguably the most iconic in NFL history. A tipped pass led to a shoestring catch by Harris, who ran into the end zone to defeat the Oakland Raiders and advance the Steelers into the AFC Championship game.

In yet another bit of irony, the draft was hosted by Las Vegas, home of the Raiders organization who suffered at the hands of Harris during the Immaculate Reception.

The moment is currently immortalized as a statue that greats people, along with George Washington, who arrive to Pittsburgh in the Pittsburgh International Airport. Pickett posed with the statue when he arrived to the city earlier today.