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Colin Cowherd: Steelers Have ‘Top 5’ Roster in the NFL



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The Steelers have done a lot of work on their roster this offseason to the point where they feel confident that there are no immediate, drastic holes on the team. But just how good are they as a roster? While Pro Football Focus thinks they have the 12th best roster in the NFL, one analyst will go above that.

Talking on The HerdColin Cowherd dove into the Steelers roster, and he thinks not only do they have quite a good roster, but that they have one of the best in the entire NFL. He does have questions about the team, such as Matt Canada and just how quickly the team will gel, but it seems he loves the team and how they are constructed.

“I will argue all day, they have a top-five roster in the NFL,” Cowherd said. “I think their roster is loaded except for corner. I like it everywhere. I think their O-line could be an OC problem, not a talent problem.”

This roster is the best they have had since 2020, but I have more questions about inside linebacker than cornerback as Cowherd says here. It’s a good team but they play in an extremely tough division and will have to work through that. There’s my general sentiment that I think the Steelers might just be a year away from really clicking in everything as it stands. Though, this ow follows up when Cowherd previously predicted that the Steelers would kick the Baltimore Ravens out of the playoffs in the 2023 season.

“If T.J. Watt plays, they win,” Cowherd said. “Last year, 8-2 when T.J. Watt played. Last two years, 17-7 when he plays. He’s healthy, they win. The second reason is, their top 7 or 8 players don’t get hurt…their chief rivals, the Ravens, outside of Mark Andrews, all get hurt….the third reason is they won 6 of 7 and won 4 straight. Their defense was unbelievable….the Pittsburgh Steelers, not the Baltimore Ravens, are a playoff team.”

In order to make a run, they have to start fast and a lot of their young upside needs to hit. That includes Kenny Pickett, George Pickens, and other players. This team does seem to be a team that is growing to be something to watch, but it could just be a year out.

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