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Devin Bush on Social Media Use: ‘It’s My Twitter, So They Can’t Control It’



PITTSBURGH – Devin Bush’s Twitter usage over the dead period of the offseason made plenty of airwaves around the national and local media. He spoke to the media on Monday about his Twitter usage.

While there was lots of outrage over Bush’s use of social media, he feels as if the fans that did get upset from it showed faux-outrage and may not be real fans.

“I don’t know if they’re real fans, to be honest with you,” Bush said. “I saw a lot of people that I don’t know. So, I don’t know.”

The most contentious tweet was when Bush quote tweeted a video of a cat falling multiple stories and saying:

“The only time I seen a cat not land on its feet omg!!💀”

When asked if anyone from the organization reached to try and slow his tweeting down, Bush gave some clear words.

“No, not that I remember,” Bush said. “It’s my Twitter, so they can’t control it.”

Bush said that some teammates did reach out to him to check up on him during the period in which he was active on Twitter, notably Cam Heyward.

“They were just reaching out and talking to me,” Bush said. “It was nothing grand. They were kinda checking up on me to see how I was doing and that was that.”

Bush seemingly brushed off any controversy that may have been caused by his tweeting over a month ago. It also seems he did not face any discipline from the team in regards to it, either.

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