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Devin Bush Takes Shot at Steelers after Loss to Colts



Steelers ILB Devin Bush

Former Pittsburgh Steeler and current Seattle Seahawks inside linebacker Devin Bush is clearly enjoying seeing his former team fall apart this season. As the clocked winded down in the Steelers’ 30-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Bush posted a bunch of laughing with tears emojis, along with two dead face emojis that express dying from extreme laughter. Bush posted a ton of laughing with tears emojis the day after the Steelers’ 21-18 loss to the New England Patriots on Thursday night in Week 14, as well.

Bush didn’t outright say that he was happy about the Steelers losing three straight and falling to 7-7, but it’s pretty clear that it was a shot at his former team, especially Mike Tomlin.

Bush made a remark in the offseason that shined light that he wasn’t too happy with the Steelers and Tomlin.

β€œIt had to do a lot with the culture. Obviously, the history behind it is what it is,” Bush said shortly after signing with Seattle in an interview with The Ian Furness Show Podcast. “Talking to coach [Pete] Carroll on frequent occasions, I feel like it was a good fit,” said Bush. β€œHe is extending that culture that he is familiar with. He is trying to get guys in there that just love football.”

β€œI walked into his office, he has the music playing, has the pictures up, you know he is watching film. So I got the feel of he is dedicated. He’s all in and doesn’t think about nothing else but Seattle Seahawks and winning. If he puts that much time and energy into his work, I have to match it.”

When asked if the culture and atmosphere are different than in Pittsburgh, Bush said, β€œ[It is] aΒ 180ΒΊ completely, something that I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t wait to get in there against my first opponent and shoot the lights out.”

Bush said he β€œ[had to] get that bad feeling” out of his mouth and stated that he does not know why the Steelers declined his fifth-year option.

β€œI wish I knew, but to this day, I have no answer,” Bush said. β€œWhat I can say is that when one door closes another one opens so I am excited for the opportunity. The way I felt about it was I knew it was a business. It told me that I wasn’t in the future of the Steelers [plans] so that’s fine. There’s 31 other teams out there, Seattle is one of them and now look where I am at.”

Bush was slated to earn $10.9 million in his option year with the Steelers. Bush’s production has been similar to his time in Pittsburgh, however, as he’s recorded seven total tackles in nine games this year. He’s started just one game, and is just a special teams player.

The Steelers’ 2023 season is going off the rails right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that Bush is a first-round bust. Ironically, the Steelers will see Bush and the Seahawks on Dec. 31 in Seattle.