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‘I Get it So Much’: Kenny Pickett Laughs Off Morgan Wallen Lookalike Comparisons



Steelers Kenny Pickett Morgan Wallen

Kenny Pickett has been around Pittsburgh and so when people see him out and about, he is often recognized. However, that does not mean that Pickett, a celebrity, does not often get confused for another celebrity. In his case, country star Morgan Wallen is often touted as his lookalike.

Appearing on the Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger podcast on Monday, the podcast released a short snippet that sees Pickett reacting to his lookalike status with Wallen. It seems that he knows he gets it as much as anyone, as he has almost an exasperated look once he talked about it.

“Oh dude I get it so much,” Pickett said. “A decent amount, a decent amount.”

It’s not the first time a country artist has come up around the Steelers quarterback in the past month either. At the end of April, Kenny Pickett attended Luke Combs‘ concert at Acrisure Stadium. During it, he was invited on stage to chug a beer with Combs and did just that as the video went viral all over social media.

Wallen was scheduled to come to Acrisrue Stadium in June but had to postpone his dates to August while recovering from vocal cord trauma. Given that is about a week and a half before the Steelers kick off against the San Francisco 49ers, it might just be possible that Wallen and Pickett are in the same place.