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Steelers Center Options Could be Two-Pronged

The Pittsburgh Steelers might look to not only the NFL Draft but free agency to fix their center troubles.



Pittsburgh Steelers C Aaron Brewer
Tennessee Titans center Aaron Brewer warms up before a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Nov. 2, 2023 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem poised to make some noise in free agency or the NFL Draft along their offensive line. But it might not be one or the other at center. After releasing Mason Cole, they have no clear option to start there, and they routinely love to go into the NFL Draft with most of their gaping holes filled in so they do not have to reach for a player. That would suggest someone is coming in free agency and maybe an addition in the NFL Draft comes along with that idea.

The option of adding through both avenues I think they will go with, which is to sign a center and draft one. Not only does it upgrade the spot, but it at least gives them more flexibility to add someone like Sedrick Van Pran-Granger or Beaux Limmer in later rounds. For example, if they signed Brewer or Brian Allen even, they could shoot to add one of the top centers if the value is there, but it does not need to be forced.

The two-pronged strategy makes sense because it puts the Steelers in a spot to go best player available throughout the rest of the draft. Omar Khan’s first draft worked well, especially with relative value, because they nailed just about every single value piece they could throughout the rounds. If there is a gaping hole at center, that is no longer doable. So, it seems very possible they go this route, and maybe they end up with Brewer and Frazier, just as an example.

The NFL Draft is a very realistic option with all of the top options they possess. Zach Frazier, Jackson Powers-Johnson, Graham Barton, and Van Pran-Granger all check off boxes to at least fit into this category, though the first three have separation. It’s not hard to see why when you put on the tape, either.

And the free agency options are plentiful, too. Aaron Brewer, Tyler Biadasz, and Coleman Shelton feel like options that would leave the NFL Draft route open but maybe at a lesser clip. It certainly would at least make the need less urgent. Of those three, Brewer feels like the likeliest given his connections to new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith. But again, there are options if the team wants to just plug and play in free agency. There are even names like Evan Brown and Brian Allen that make sense.

All in all, expect them to make sure center is filled. They might not break the bank for one, but it should likely be filled in at some point in free agency, and then they can reinforce in the NFL Draft, too.