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2024 NFL Draft

Sights and Sounds: First Look at Day 1 of East-West Shrine Bowl Practice

The East-West Shrine Bowl kicked off on Saturday as prospects looked to increase their NFL Draft stock.



Shrine Bowl Pittsburgh Steelers

FRISCO, TEXAS — The East-West Shrine Bowl kicked off on Saturday as the first of four practices started. During the week, all of the prospects will go through interviews with all 32 teams and media interviews and look to display their skills to the NFL moving forward.

On the day, the guys went through team periods, individual drills designed to showcase specific skills, and one-on-ones. Throughout all of that, their ability to display those skills in multiple settings can be judged. The better thing about the East-West Shrine Bowl? Scouts, media, and others can see the players on the field up close and personal.

It’s a unique atmosphere, even compared to the Senior Bowl. But most of these players’ speed, explosiveness, and baseline physical traits jump out in a way they did not on film. It gives perspective on everyone’s NFL capabilities. There is athletic, and then there is NFL athletic. When guys stick out in a setting such as this one even from a firm perspective, that often means stock-up. But if they can mold the athletic with the technique, such as Rams defensive tackle Kobie Turner did last season at this very event, they can shoot up draft boards and become a favorite real quick.