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‘Kenny Pickett Ain’t It’: Shannon Sharpe Says Steelers Must Find New QB



Steelers QB Kenny Pickett
Steelers QB Kenny Pickett at training camp, Aug. 4, 2023 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Kenny Pickett has started the season ice-cold. Now, he is dealing with a knee injury that has his status for Sunday’s game against the Ravens in doubt. But the Steelers, who expected to take a step forward this season themselves, have yet to find any level of consistency from a coaching and quarterbacking perspective. While the universal consensus is that offensive coordinator Matt Canada is a massive problem, Pickett is a young quarterback in a severe cold spell.

Appearing on First Take, Stephen A. Smith, former Steelers safety Ryan Clark, and former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe discussed the team’s struggles. While Smith and Clark went at Canada, and both believed that the team should move on from him, Sharpe pointed the fingers in one other direction — directly at Pickett.

“Matt Canada needs to go and I’m sorry RC, but y’all need to be in the market for another quarterback because Kenny Pickett ain’t it,” Sharpe said. “If you’re talking about a long-term solution, he’s not it.”

Through four games, the Steelers are averaging 12.5 points per game. They’ve been under 300 yards of offense in 3 of 4 games this season. They’re the only team since 2021 that hasn’t recorded a 400-yard game. Clark has seen enough. He wants Canada out of Pittsburgh immediately. Smith has the same sentiments, not understanding how Canada still has a gig.

“Stop bumping your head up against the Matthew Canada wall,” Clark said. “Send him back. Wherever you want to send him. Send him back to Pitt. Hell, I’ll even take him back at LSU. If he can coach defense, because our offense does well. It’s sickening what you saw from the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, and I expect wholesale changes.”

Yet, Sharpe has a point. The coaching is a huge issue and is hurting Pickett, but the Steelers have received very little from Pickett. He is bailing on clean pockets, missing reads, and, earlier in the season, missing throws with inaccuracy. While Canada is the top problem on the offense, he’s far from the only one. Pickett needs to improve, or Pittsburgh will have to look elsewhere this offseason.