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‘Playmaker’: Kenny Pickett Vouches for More Jaylen Warren Touches



Steelers RB Jaylen Warren Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett loves his two running backs. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren have combined to create a formidable duo. When Waren came out of nowhere a year ago, he remained impressed by Warren throughout his rookie season and into his second year. So much so that Pickett monitors the amount of touches a guy like Warren gets because good things happen when the ball gets into his hands.

Appearing on the Steel Here Podcast, Pickett broke down the type of person that Warren is off the field, but also what makes him pop on the field. When coaches are making game plans, Pickett vouches for more Warren touches. That is the type of player that Warren has become to the Steelers.

“He shows up every day, he works hard, and he doesn’t say much,” Pickett said. “Every time he touches the ball, it seems like something good happens. I always want to get the ball into that guy’s hands because he’s a playmaker. It’s something I always push into games, going like, ‘hey, what are 30’s touches, how are we going to get this guy the football?’ because he continues to pop on tape and make plays. I love the work he’s put in, just a super humble guy who is a great teammate.”

Warren has earned the right to more carries. Kenny Pickett has two running backs he can lean on throughout the season with his emergence. Harris is a bruising back with a power style, while Warren complements that with explosiveness. The one-two punch creates a rushing game that, as long as the improved offensive line plays as billed, should give the Steelers a unique combination to work with moving forward.

With all the hubbub about the running back situation in Pittsburgh, it’s a good reminder to say the group has two good football players. The Steelers may have two starting quality tailbacks on the roster. That’s a good thing. Most of the league has shifted towards a multi-running back attack. With Harris and Warren on rookie-scaled contracts, the Steelers aren’t in a predicament to choose between one or the other.