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Steelers’ Kenny Pickett Touted as ‘More Talented’ Jimmy Garoppolo



Steelers QB Kenny Pickett

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is turning out to be a divisive player heading into his second year, with some believing that he can take a second year leap and others saying that Pickett is one of the biggest concerns on the entire team. But one thing that has been thrown out there reportedly are comparisons. Trevor Lawrence has been one. On Friday, a new one emerged.

Joining 93.7 the FanRavens analyst Rob Long talked about what Pickett can bring to the table. While he is not completely sold on Pickett just yet, he did throw out a comparison that could point to Pickett being a guy that the Steelers could win with in the future.

“Well, I’m not sold on him yet,” Long said. “I think there’s something there. He’s a more talented version of Jimmy G. You can win with him, but I’ve got to see more from him this year.”

That’s a fine comparison. Garoppolo, of course, did not start early in his career while sitting behind Tom Brady. Pickett’s ceiling does not look like a quarterback that is a high ceiling candidate but he could be someone that is a high floor player that the team can count on to be a producer throughout his career.

Pittsburgh would love to see Pickett shatter the glass on the field and become the next of those year two leaps, though. If he can take the leap, it would not be that surprising to see the Steelers end up right back in the playoffs after missing out on the dance last year.

In the second half of the season, Pickett took a leap both in his efficiency, largely due to the fact that he simply did not turn the ball over after the bye. If he can keep the turnovers down, Pittsburgh could power their way forward into the future.

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