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Steelers Linked to Speedy Patriots Cornerback



Pittsburgh Steelers CB Jonathan Jones

The Pittsburgh Steelers will address cornerback in some shape or form through the free agency and NFL Draft. It seems likely that will be a two-pronged strategy to try and build up the defense and fix it once and for all. And Bleacher Report has an idea for the Steelers to fix all of those problems- head up to Foxborough and snatch Jonathan Jones from the New England Patriots.

“Jonathan Jones is 30 years old, and the Patriots are in rebuild mode,” Bleacher Report wrote. “They might be willing to part with the veteran if it gives them an extra pick in the draft and saves money.”

Jones is a fascinating option. For one, he is a slot cornerback with elite speed, which allows the defense to do so much more with that guy on the field. On top of it, Jones has been one of those guys the team knows from being around for so long. They would be comfortable making the move for the sake of having played Jones so many times, and respecting his game as an opponent, so targeting him could make some sense.

But the Steelers need players with lockdown potential, especially in the future. Jones is an excellent chess piece and option in the slot, but new head coach Jerod Mayo would like to see Jones back. And Jones is a player who stands out with his ball skills and speed, but with him only getting older and the Steelers likely looking to go young, it does not feel like a great marriage unless you look at the short gain.