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Steelers OC Matt Canada Blasts Rumors That His Role Changed: ‘Nothing at All Changed’



Steelers OC Matt Canada
Steelers OC Matt Canada at practice on Sept. 27, 2023 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

PITTSBURGH — Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada has seen the reports that he took on a more significant role in helping Kenny Pickett following the team’s win over the Cleveland Browns. That report came out on Sunday, but Canada denies all that the report said on Sunday, stating that there is no change in how he works alongside Pickett.

“No, nothing at all,” Canada said. “I’m the coordinator, and I work with him out there; Sully and I do, I think, a really good job of it if I talk to him on the field. I quickly tell Sully what I said, if we had a meeting, he tells me we want to do a great job of having one voice, but there’s nothing at all changed. Kenny and I have known each other, got a great relationship.”

That’s now the third person to come out and outwardly deny the report thrown down by insider Jordan Schultz on Sunday. Pickett and Mike Tomlin addressed the report at some point this week, with all three denying the idea that there is any change in workflow with Pickett or the offensive staff.

“No, I mean Coach T addressed that today, and I didn’t know about that until someone brought it up to me,” Pickett said. “I don’t know where that info came from. That’s definitely false. We’re meeting, we’re doing the same routine. You know, we’re maybe meeting a little bit more, but Coach Sullivan is my quarterbacks coach, and we spend a ton of time together, I spend a ton of time together with Coach Canada has we always have been. So, I don’t think anything changed drastically. I’m not sure where that came from, but we’re all collectively working together.”

The growth and development of Pickett are off to a rocky start in his second year as a pro. He had his best game of the year on Sunday but was still imperfect. However, the first two games were disastrous for the offense and Pickett. The Steelers’ offense averaged just 9.5 points per game through two games and a league-low 12 first downs. They were the only team in the league that failed to register a first down in the first quarter.

Still, it does not seem like the Steelers have drastically changed Canada’s role in the offense for anything, such as what is detailed when the report came out. Pittsburgh must continue finding solutions to their struggles on the offensive side of the ball and hit their stride sooner rather than later, but more of Canada working with Pickett does not appear to be one of those solutions right now.