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Steelers CB Patrick Peterson Rips Matt Canada’s Offense: ‘Basic and Elementary’



Pittsburgh Steelers OC Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada at practice on Sept. 20, 2022. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Let’s just say that Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson was not a fan of the offense that former Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada was running with the team in 2023.

In an episode of his All Things Covered Podcast with former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden on Thursday, Peterson let loose on the offense under Canada in 2023, calling it “basic and elementary.”

“Not to point the finger at the playcaller, but I don’t know what type of plays were running out there on offense when we had Matt Canada with us,” Peterson said. “I just feel like we were super stagnant. We did nothing to exploit the defense. I just feel like we were very basic and elementary.”

Peterson framed his criticism of Canada around his desire for Kenny Pickett to remain the team’s starting quarterback, saying that Canada’s offense could have held Pickett back and that he deserves a fresh start under new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith.

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Canada’s tenure in Pittsburgh was wildly unpopular, both from the Steelers fanbase, and from pundits and former players in the media.

But the locker room has been largely silent on the issue, even after Canada’s dismissal midseason. Players gave credit to the job that interim offensive coordinator Eddie Faulkner and offensive playcaller Mike Sullivan did to spark the team’s three-game winning streak in 2023.

About the most explosive thing said in critique of his performance during the season by a current member of the Black and Gold was when Jaylen Warren said the offensive had to take more chances — hardly a scathing critique.

Peterson’s criticisms are more in line with what many national media members were saying all season — that the Steelers’ passing concepts were not sophisticated enough to consistently work against NFL opposition.