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2024 NFL Draft

Steelers Poised to Fill WR Need in 2024 NFL Draft

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem likely to fill the void of their wide receiver position in the 2024 NFL Draft.



Pittsburgh Steelers WR Roman Wilson

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a need at wide receiver, and even though the need is mitigated because of Arthur Smith’s offense, they still need a physical blocker who can work over the middle of the field and be the slot receiver for when they decide to go into their dropback passing game.

The Steelers have one wide receiver position locked up for the foreseeable future with George Pickens. Still, Allen Robinson II is likely on his way out, and Diontae Johnson is entering the final year of his contract. Beyond that, Calvin Austin III is still a question mark, and there’s not much else to write home about.

The Steelers could kill two birds with one stone here if they can find a player that can play in the slot immediately while also projecting to be a starter on the outside that could replace Johnson. Someone like Roman Wilson from Michigan would seem to fit that bill.

Just at the Shrine Bowl, I like Malik Washington, Tahj Washington, Anthony, Gould, Jalen Coker, Bub Means, and others who are showing out at the Shrine Bowl, it reminds me that a lot of these guys would end up at the Senior Bowl in most years. The Steelers need a slot receiver, or at least someone to fit into that WR3 role. Man, I’m not sure how they pass on this class. It’s one of those unusually deep classes that you probably should dip into at all costs.

Like the Steelers did with Darnell Washington last year at tight end when that class was historically great, they should do the same with wide receiver. What round will they grab someone in? Not sure, but they can find someone with one of their two fourth-round picks this draft season. They legitimately have a need there, and could get someone who can contribute in the fourth round with the depth of this class.

The smartest strategy, if at all possible, is to draft for best player available. Wide receiver, at some point when the team picks, is going to have incredible value. They will have enough flexibility in free agency to make moves at other key spots that could allow them to nab a really high-pedigree talent from that position.