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Steelers QB Justin Fields to Wear No. 2



Pittsburgh Steelers Trade Target Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 9, 2021. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

New quarterback Justin Fields will wear No. 2 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was revealed on Wednesday.

Fields wore No. 1 in his three seasons with the Chicago Bears, but the Steelers have not given that number out since 1999. Fields also wore No. 1 in his two collegiate stops at Georgia and Ohio State.

The Steelers have never officially commented on why the uniform number was taken out of circulation. The last player to wear No. 1 for the team was quarterback Anthony Wright in the 1999 preseason. Kicker Gary Andersen last wore it in a regular season game in 1994.

Other Steelers players to wear No. 1 include kicker David Trout in 1981, halfback Merl Condit in 1940, halfback Warren Heller in 1936 and a halfback named Andy Zeher from 1935.

Steelers QB Justin Fields

Justin Fields

On the other hand, No. 2 has been a popular number for quarterbacks recently, with Mason Rudolph wearing the number for his entire tenure with the team, and going further back, guys like Dennis Dixon and Michael Vick wore that number.

Presumed starter Russell Wilson will wear his familiar No. 3 with the Steelers this year. Third-stringer Kyle Allen will have to change from his most recent uniform number. Allen wore No. 9 with the Buffalo Bills last season, but that has long been claimed by kicker Chris Boswell in Pittsburgh. Allen also wore No. 8 when he was in Washington, which was vacated by Kenny Pickett earlier this offseason. He instead chose to wear No. 4