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2024 NFL Draft

Report: Steelers Close to Adding Significant Playmaker

Bryant McFadden reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers are close to adding a significant playmaker to their roster.



Pittsburgh Steelers Omar Khan

Is a big move coming? The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly close to adding a significant playmaker, CBS Sports analyst and former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden said on X, the app formerly known as Twitter, on Monday.

It should be noted that McFadden is cousins with Patrick Peterson so that it could be this. But an offensive playmaker would not be shocking, either.

The Steelers have been in the market for a wide receiver since trading Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers in March. They’ve struck out on free agent Mike Williams and have hit an impasse with Tyler Boyd, missing Williams, who signed with the Jets. The Steelers have also kicked the tires on San Francisco star Brandon Aiyuk, who the 49ers insist they are not trading. But Courtland Sutton might be the most intriguing of the options for who this could be.

Sutton would make sense thanks to his consistent production and built-in connection with Wilson, who figures to start for the Steelers, at least to start the 2024 season. If there is one that could be a bigger splash but feels more likely, this one does. The Broncos are not in this thing to win it this year; in fact, they might be looking to try to bounce to the top of the draft board for the 2025 season. But Courtland Sutton has the Russell Wilson connection and profiles as the contested catch, big-bodied guy that the team was looking to add when Mike Williams was targeted.

The other name it could be is Deebo Samuel, who the Steelers reportedly inquired about but thought the price was too high. Regardless, the Steelers seem close to making a move of some sort, and they have needs at both slot cornerback and wide receiver, so the move is likely coming from one of those two positions.