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2024 NFL Draft

Steelers QB Targets Disappoint at Senior Bowl

The Steelers could end up having a change of plans at QB.



Pittsburgh Steelers Sam Hartman

MOBILE, Ala. — The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up coming into the Senior Bowl with a keen eye on the quarterbacks, but after the week, most of those guys faltered — with one exception. That would be Spencer Rattler.

The final quarterback synopsis of the week, Hartman aside, should be simple. In the game, it was clear who the two best quarterbacks were: Bo Nix and Spencer Rattler. Nix commanded the offense down the field and looked poised doing so after an inconsistent week, and that was without Penix playing. But Rattler looked like a pro. He took the best week at quarterback for anyone at the Senior Bowl and turned it into a dynamite performance.

Like with the rest of the practices, I liked Michael Pratt. The interception at the end of the game is situationally aligned, but he threw with anticipation and some serious mustard on the play. He layers throws well. But he can be inconsistent in his post-snap processing and inconsistent pocket presence. Carter Bradley is the unknown of the group. If you are not used to watching him, he has some surprising zip on his ball, and he plays with arm arrogance. But it can lead to some baffling decisions, and the mechanics on his front leg are a mess.

As for Joe Milton, he is the most maddening quarterback you could concoct. Man, the arm is live and dynamite. He is big and mobile, and there are designed quarterback-run schematics that an offensive coordinator could use with him. But he is wildly inaccurate and does not make up for the lack of accuracy with sound decision-making. Then, he drifts in the pocket and runs himself right into pressure. His game has many negatives, but he is a quarterback with a huge arm, mobility, and prototypical quarterback size. I don’t see it, but some team will likely talk themselves into him as a project.

Either way, the Steelers quarterback situation will likely have some help from the NFL Draft. But it might not be from the Senior Bowl.