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2024 NFL Draft

Former Steelers OC Bruce Arians Believes 2024 QB Class is Special

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians believes the 2024 NFL Draft might be the best in a decade.



Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy

The Pittsburgh Steelers will likely dip into the ranks of the 2024 NFL Draft at some point. It could be in the middle rounds or the late rounds, but the team will add someone young in there to at least have to develop on top of Kenny Pickett. Former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians believes that the 2024 quarterback class might be one of the best in a long time.

“This might be the best group of quarterbacks that have come out in 10 or 15 years,” Arians told the Tampa Bay Times. . “They’ve got guys running (the 40-yard dash in) 4.5 (seconds) and some guys slinging it. The passers are just amazing in this draft.”

He had huge praise for Washington’s Michael Penix, in particular, and loves his ability to push the ball vertically.

“As far as the football grade, I love (Penix) because he does things I love to do,” Arians said “He puts (the ball) up the field. He’s as accurate on throws up the field as anyone I’ve seen in 15 years Just to fight through that last game after he had that ankle tore up. But what he did to Texas was unbelievable.”

This class has a lot of talent in it, from Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and J.J. McCarthy at the top to the depth with Penix, Bo Nix, Spencer Rattler, Jordan Travis, Michael Pratt, and others. There are a lot of different flavors for quarterbacks in this class, and that includes the Steelers. And Mike Tomlin said at his postseason press conference last month that, like any class, he will scout the quarterbacks.

“I always do. You know, I am a personnel buff. I don’t think you can be in this profession and not be into personnel, not have knowledge of people that play for you, play against you, particularly at the quarterback position. I enjoy it,” Tomlin said.

That is not an answer that tells you they will draft a quarterback. But they will pay attention to it and perhaps even pluck someone from the class. While players like Maye, Daniels, and Williams feel out of reach, others like McCarthy, Nix, Penix, Pratt, and others fit the bill for this team in 2024. That mid-round option they can develop is an important piece to have in the organization, especially if things go sideways.