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2024 NFL Draft

Steelers Make Blockbuster Trade for Jayden Daniels in New Scenario

The Pittsburgh Steelers change the landscape of their QB room in a new mock draft.



LSU Steelers QB Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels strikes the Heisman post | Photo by: Gus Stark

The Pittsburgh Steelers seem somewhat confident in Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph to at least give them a chance to win in 2024. Team president Art Rooney II wants to see growth from that room, but if there is a fit for the right quarterback, they might make that move.

In a new scenario outlining what trade they would like to see the Steelers do this offseason, Bleacher Report wants the team to trade up to grab the Heisman winner.

“The Steelers defense was good enough to keep a frustrating offense afloat throughout the season. They wound up making the playoffs and continuing their streak of non-losing seasons, but if they want to get further than that, it’s going to require a bigger swing at quarterback or an improved offensive line. The trade compensation here directly mirrors the deal they made to get Devin Bush in the 2019 draft, but it would work out better because they’d be targeting a premium position instead of an off-ball linebacker. In the B/R Scouting Department’s latest mock draft, Jayden Daniels would be on the board, so he would be the pick. The Heisman winner is much more dynamic than Kenny Pickett and would raise the ceiling of the offense significantly,” they wrote.

The trade would be up ten spots to grab Daniels and cost this year’s first round pick, second-round pick, and next year’s third-round pick. A steep price, but not that steep if the belief is that Daniels is a franchise quarterback. But the confidence in Pickett likely precludes this move from being made.

With the Steelers having stated that they intend to have Pickett battle in camp with another quarterback, whether that is Rudolph or a different player, Pickett’s third NFL season will determine his future in Pittsburgh. After next season, the team will have to decide whether or not to exercise Pickett’s fifth-year option which will determine if he becomes a free agent following the 2025 season or the 2026 season.