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Richard Sherman: Matt Canada Should be ‘Fired Immediately’



Steelers OC Matt Canada
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada makes a play call against the Tenessee Titans on Nov. 3, 2023. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Matt Canada has received a lot of blowback this season, even last year. But the latest person to come after him was former Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, who believes Canada should soon be out of a job. Talking on Undisputed, Sherman blasted Canada and directly correlated the offense’s struggles and George Pickens’ frustrations back to Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator.

“I do agree with Pickens to a degree because it’s ridiculous,” Sherman said. “Matt Canada the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers needs to be fired. Needs to be fired immediately. Go get rid of him. He is bad as a detriment to this kid to this offense to even Kenny Pickett, because we don’t know how good Kenny Pickett can be”

Steelers OC Matt Canada

Steelers OC Matt Canada at practice on Oct. 27, 2023 – Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Matt Canada has had struggles as the offensive coordinator with Pittsburgh, but last two weeks are not on him. In fact, you can easily argue he called his two best games of the season. Players, such as Diontae Johnson, continue to defend their offensive coordinator and what he does on the field.

“It sucks to hear because it’s not like he’s intentionally trying to f*** up,” Johnson said.”I just feel like it’s my job to be that person he can talk to about stuff like that. When I see the OC man, I can’t do nothing but go over there and talk to him about certain stuff. I try to take his mind off stuff like, ‘I’m on your side at the end of the day. Don’t listen to whatever they’re saying out there. They’re gonna say what they gotta say, but we’re gonna make you look good.”

Canada Takes Heat, Makes Change

Canada has taken heat all season, but none of it specifically says what he struggled at, perhaps communication with his players is one of the reasons they struggled. He annexed the sidelines on Thursday against the Titans. Canada and the players like what that brought to the table for them, so it would likely continue. Head coach Mike Tomlin thought it added layers to their communication and ability to work on offense.

“I thought it aided in communication,” Tomlin said. “Coach to player is one thing, but the give and take and the face-to-face component, I thought could add a little value to our cause. The reviews were positive and so we’ll probably continue to work in that area.”

Tomlin said that moving Canada to the sideline isn’t the only structural change they’ve contemplated, as the offense has been mired in a season-long malaise. Still, he declined to go into further detail about what else they might be trying to change to improve in the second half of the season.

 “We’ll probably continue to turn other things over in an effort to continue to improve,” he said. “But again, we do things weekly. Some weeks you notice them. Other weeks you don’t.”

In his place up in the booth, offensive assistant Glenn Thomas took his place in the booth. Kenny Pickett still works with both Canada and Mike Sullivan. Thomas is the newest addition to the Steelers offensive coaching staff. He came up under former Steelers offensive coordinator and tight end Mike Mularkey with the Atlanta Falcons as an offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach. Thomas then worked for Matt Rhule at Temple and Baylor before becoming the OC at UNLV and Arizona State.