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‘He’s Great’: Santonio Holmes Extra Involved With Steelers in Retirement



Steelers Santonio Holmes

During his time with the Steelers, Santonio Holmes helped lead the team to a Super Bowl and catch the game winning touchdown to knock off the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. However, his time with the team ended abruptly after he was traded to Jets following an incident in a nightclub.

While Holmes only played from 2006 to 2009 with the team, he left his mark as a key player in the Super Bowl run and beyond. So, when Holmes retired, he bought fully into the motto that once you are a member of the Steelers, you always are a member of the Steelers. Since that moment, Holmes has been around the team and practices.

On The Ramon Foster Show, Foster broke down the presence that Holmes now brings to the team’s alumni circle and how he is as involved as anyone within it. A key member of a Super Bowl team, not having Holmes around would make it feel like there’s an entire hole in the team’s alumni fabric.

“Tone is such a great dude,” Foster said. “I will say this, the guy has gone back and got his degree, he’s involved, he’s a great dad from all I’ve seen so far, and he’s made himself back. That guy was a young guy with although he was Super Bowl MVP. Tone was such an inviting dude man. I know he probably rubbed some people the wrong way in Pittsburgh for a little while, but that is not him anymore. He’s a great dude. Super chill.”

During those key moments, Ben Roethlisberger trusted Holmes. Now, Holmes is all around the events the Steelers host throughout the season. If there is an event being hosted, there is a very good chance that you will see Holmes around the organization. He was a cold-blooded player in clutch times, but a softer mentality off the field. That means sometimes, Roethlisberger would even trust Holmes.

“In big moments, you would go to the guy who you trust more,” Holmes said. “I think a lot of people, without Hines being out, would have wanted Hines. But I’m not sure that Hines makes that catch that Santonio made in that moment.”

Regardless of how things shook out nearly 15 years ago, Holmes is now a familiar face to everyone around the team. He comes to alumni weekend seemingly every year. So, expect to continue seeing him around the Steelers and the team’s events after ingratiating himself into the team’s alumni tradition.

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