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Steelers vs. Eagles DraftKings Exclusive Offer: Get $150 for $5




This DraftKings offer for the Week 8 Steelers vs. Eagles showdown is insane.

Here’s their Week 8 proposal:

Bet $5 on any NFL game, get $150 if either quarterback in the Steelers vs. Eagles game throws for 1+ yards.

If either quarterback throws for 1+ yards. 

You read that correctly. So while there is a stipulation, there also is not a stipulation.

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There is a zero-point-zero percent chance both quarterbacks throw for zero yards in that Steelers vs. Eagles game.

In fact, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts will probably cash that bet for you the first time he drops back.

The Eagles, at 6-0, are early favorites to win the NFC. And at +550 odds, they trail only the Bills (+270) as favorites to win it all at this year’s Super Bowl.

During this stellar 2022 run, Hurts has thrown for 1,514 yards (252.3 per game) with six touchdowns and two interceptions. On top of that, he’s added 293 yards on the ground alongside another six touchdowns courtesy of his legs.

He will throw for more than one yard, and you will make $150. Don’t miss out.

Now, if you want specifics for betting that Steelers vs. Eagles game…

The moneyline, as expected, heavily favors the Eagles at -475. The Steelers, at +380, need a miracle in this one if the oddsmakers are to be believed. The Steelers probably aren’t going to win this one, and there’s not much value in betting the Eagles at all, so let’s move on to the spread.

Oh, wait. The spread of 10.5 is massive, too. And there’s not a ton of value here.

Where I think you can find some value is in DraftKings’ team total points (bands) section.

There are a few ways to look at this:

  • You get +205 odds if you think the Steelers will score 0-10 points
  • You get +125 odds if you think they’ll score 11-20
  • You get +300 odds if you think they’ll score 21-30
  • You get +1300 odds and above over 30

The Eagles’ defense is fantastic. They allow just 17.5 points per game, fourth in the NFL. Yards per game? Same deal, fourth in the NFL at 297.8 yards per game allowed.

The Steelers’ offense, meanwhile, is tragic. All signs point to the Steelers struggling to put up points, and if you think they’re really going to struggle, those +205 odds for 0-10 points look pretty juicy.

On the flip side, if you’re an optimist and you believe Kenny Pickett and company will finally make something you can triple (or better) your money by throwing down a bet that the Steelers will score 21 or above.

The choice is yours.

Either way, with this DraftKings code, you can rest easy knowing you’ll come out ahead.