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Steelers Have Toughest Schedule in 2024 Based on Vegas Win Projections



Two Steelers helmets at Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium on Dec. 18, 2022. (Mitchell Northam / Steelers Now)

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the third-toughest strength of schedule in 2024. However, based on Vegas’ forecasted win totals, the Steelers have the toughest schedule this upcoming season, according to Warren Sharp of Sharp Football.

Strength of schedule is based on opponents records from 2023. Vegas’ forecasted win totals is probably a better indication, as teams can drastically change from year-to-year. The boost that head coach DeMeco Ryans and quarterback C.J. Stroud gave to the Houston Texans is a prime example.

On paper, the Steelers toughest game in 2024 is against the back-to-back Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Overall, their opponents hold a combined win percentage of .533. Only the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens have a tougher strength of schedule.

The Steelers will face five playoff teams from last year in the Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. Every team in the AFC North last year had a winning, record so that explains why the top three teams with the toughest strength of schedule are from said division.

In regards to projected win totals, the Steelers will face five teams in 2024 that are forecasted to win 10.5 games or more — Chiefs (11.5), Ravens (11.5), Bengals (10.5), Eagles (10.5) and Cowboys (10.5). The New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons projections are both set at 9.5. The Denver Broncos have the lowest estimated win total (5.5) on the Steelers schedule.

The Steelers’ win total is set at 7.5, which is the lowest in the AFC North. Only the New York Giants (6.5), Washington Commanders (6.5), Las Vegas Raiders (6.5) and the aforementioned Broncos have lower estimated win totals on the Steelers schedule.

The Los Angeles Chargers should be a lot better with new head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Jets will also get back future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Falcons should be improved with new head coach Raheem Morris. The Bengals will be better if Joe Burrow can stay healthy. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but the Steelers are set to have their hands full in 2024. The AFC North is always a tough sledding just in itself.

Below is the Steelers’ 2024 opponents and the home/away slots. The schedule will be released in May.

Home: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, New York Jets

Away: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Commanders, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts