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Steelers Minkah Fitzpatrick Doesn’t Anticipate Playing Anywhere besides Free Safety in 2021



Minkah Fitzpatrick

PITTSBURGH — When the Steelers brought Minkah Fitzpatrick in during the 2019 season after a monumental trade from the Miami Dolphins, there was wide skepticism as to what Fitzpatrick would do and what his role would truly be with the team. After all, in Miami and at Alabama, Fitzpatrick played anywhere from outside cornerback to the slot to strong safety to free safety.

However, he had grown disgruntled with Miami’s inability to stick him in one singular spot, saying that it stunted his growth. As such, Fitzpatrick really wanted to find a home and hone it.

In Pittsburgh, his home has been free safety. That really has been the main place that the Steelers have utilized him. Of course, the robber role and other areas of that position are what Fitzpatrick does as well. But, he has been static. When asked if he plans to be moved anywhere else aside from free safety, Fitzpatrick did not see that coming to fruition.

“Nope, I’m only playing free safety right now,” Fitzpatrick said.

Now, that was in response to what the Steelers were doing with Fitzpatrick as it stands. There are obvious questions in the slot, but it looks Fitzpatrick is not a solution to that problem. Thus far, the Steelers have only used Fitzpatrick as the free safety. So, it is not surprising to see no desire from their side to change that. Fitzpatrick has no desire to change his role, either.

“No, I’m cool with what I’m doing right now,” Fitzpatrick said.

It seems that Fitzpatrick will be working in that usual role that fans have grown accustomed to seeing him in during the 2021 season. There is a mutual disinterest to doing anything from both sides.