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Steelers Most-Fined Team in NFL This Season



Steelers RB Jaylen Warren
Steelers RB Jaylen Warren at practice - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

The Steelers are the most fined team in the NFL so far this season, according to a study by My Betting Sites Canada. With the NFL season still young, there have already been $2,827,605 million in fines dished out this year. But Pittsburgh and a big part of their total, Jaylen Warren, remain atop the list.

Pittsburgh has racked up $333,079 fines, by far the most in the NFL. Warren has earned over $90,000 in fines despite making just over $800,000 for the entire season. He said he would appeal the second fine the NFL handed out for a block on Rams edge rusher Michael Hoecht.

So far, his fines total out to be over $96,000. They have been fined nearly $100,000 more than the Baltimore Ravens in second place, fined $208,243. The Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks come in at third and fourth place, both fined for under $200,000 each.

This continues the trend from 2022, as Pittsburgh was the most fined team. Collectively, the Steelers were fined $196,480, according to the study. The big total likely came about because of a defensive celebration in November against the Indianapolis Colts after a James Pierre interception. So, the NFL is getting even happier with the fines, and Pittsburgh has exceeded its mark from a year ago.

NFL player fines go to the Professional Athletes Foundation, which helps support NFL legends in need and youth football initiatives. The league contains an average of $4 million per season in fines, according to NFL publications.

While Pittsburgh leads the league, it does not necessarily mean they are not disciplined. And as the numbers show, the NFL is not even through half the season but has accrued far more fines this year than last year at this point. They are ready to shatter the average $4 million mark set out in that study a year ago.