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Steelers Making Significant Changes to Spark Offense



Steelers Offense
Steelers QB Mason Rudolph and WRs George Pickens and Allen Robinson II against the Cincinnati Bengals, Dec. 23, 2023 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

SEATTLE — The Steelers offense came out of nowhere. But late in the season, after back-to-back thirty-point outings and wins, his offense is coming together at the perfect time with Mason Rudolph under center. They still need help to make the playoffs, but after looking like they were in disarray two weeks ago, that has all changed.

Remember when George Pickens was mad a week ago and weeks before that when Diontae Johnson got frustrated? Everyone was ticked off. It doesn’t seem like that anymore. To Pittsburgh’s credit, a successful offense has come out of the fruit, where this group fell short throughout the year. Everyone is eating except for Pat Freiermuth, but that’s okay with him. This is becoming a very unselfish offense the longer it goes along.

“I’d probably just say guys coming together,” George Pickens said of what sparked the offense. “You go through, like, so much adversity during the season, and these 15, 16 games toward the end, I feel like guys now are really locking in. All we got is ourselves.”

If you ask about the Steelers’ offense, they had this in them all along. They might not be wrong; they just needed a quarterback to give them some legitimate life. There’s an energy this team plays with now that Rudolph is back there. His confidence and poise infect the rest of the unit.

johnson feels like there has been an uptick in effort. He isn’t wrong. Pickens threw a block that sprung Warren. Everyone celebrates together. Freiermuth pulls Najee Harris into the endzone for a touchdown despite having two targets in two games. This is all coming together to be a really unselfish offense that plays for each other and has fun playing with one another on top of that.

“I would say this effort and everybody just wanted more, that’s what I’ve seen throughout the week,” Johnson said. “We locked in our practice, dialed in and I were just minimizing the little mistakes. And once you do that, you can, you, you can count on like us making the right plays, making the right decisions.”

That ability to adapt to new roles and become selfless within the system is important. Over the last two weeks, no egos have come between the Steelers and their offensive success. That needs to be the standard moving forward. If they can continue it into the coming seasons, Pittsburgh can start to exorcise some of the demons that have plagued them on that side of the ball for years.