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Refreshed? Steelers Revive for Road Matchup at Rams



Welcome to the STEELERS NOW PREGAME SCOUT, our new podcast highlighting the Xs and Os of the Steelers’ next game! Steelers Now analyst Derrick Bell joins host Matt Gajtka again to break things down.

Back from the bye, the Steelers soar west to Los Angeles to take on the Rams, hoping to keep pace in the AFC North. How can George Pickens’ recent strong play position him (and the team) for more incredible things — even when Diontae Johnson returns?

Also on the docket: How Pittsburgh could scheme offensively to face more broken coverages, what the addition of Darius Rush means for the secondary, and where the Rams might have some weak spots to attack across both units. There might just be more than you think on that.

Check out the show on the our YouTube page, or find it on Megaphone or wherever you get your podcasts.

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