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Steelers-Seahawks Announcers Revealed



Steelers OLB T.J. Watt

The Steelers and Seahawks game will be announced by Kenny Albert, Jonathan Vilma, and Shannon Spake; Albert confirmed during the crew’s broadcast of the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings game on December 24th. That is a first-time crew for the Steelers this season, given they rarely play on FOX, but going to Seattle will flip their usual script of announcers, too.

The game itself is the biggest one for both teams. Each sitting at 8-7 and in tenuous spots in the playoff race, these teams will fight tooth and nail to get into the postseason. Pittsburgh has their best shot of getting in if they just win out, but Seattle has to do much of the same.

Geno Smith has been banged-up recently with a groin injury but led the team to a game-winning drive against the Titans on the road. Meanwhile, the Steelers are coming off a stunning 34-11 thrashing of the Cincinnati Bengals that virtually no one saw coming, pushing them right back into the thick of the playoff race after a three-game skid that saw them lose control of their destiny to get into the playoffs.

Even if they win, they are not guaranteed to make it and will need help from around the league. A road game in Seattle is up first before they go to Baltimore, but if they are to make it into the postseason, it will be through a hard-fought set of wins after a disastrous skid.