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Steelers Sights and Sounds: Kenny Pickett Throws to Diontae Johnson



Steelers QB Kenny Pickett

PITTSBURGH — The first day of the mandatory minicamp kicked off for the Steelers at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex as Kenny Pickett and others began work. Pickett, the second-year quarterback, is looking to make his leap and become the entrenched franchise quarterback from the team.

Plenty of teammates have already praised Pickett for his leadership, but his on-field ability has gotten a lot of praise, too. Diontae Johnson, George Pickens, Calvin Austin, and other receivers are starting to deepen or develop a connection with Pickett heading into the season. But the main objective still remains to have Pickett make that leap to ensure the team’s future at the most important position.

Meanwhile, the wide receiver room has some serious turnover. Certain new players such as Allen Robinson II and Hakeem Butler are guys that have certain expectations for the team and want to reset those expectations right away. Robinson is a veteran leader who looks to lead some of the younger players in the receiving room. In tandem with the other weapons, they hope this is the year that the offense really takes a massive leap. The tight ends could be a massive factor in that for the Steelers, along with a running back room that has plenty of depth.