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Steelers Tabbed as Landing Spot for Bears QB Justin Fields



Steelers QB Justin Fields

With all the questions surrounding the Steelers, quarterback remains perhaps the most enormous hole and question on the entire team. There will have to be something done at the position this offseason, but just what remains to be seen. Could the team end up looking for a new quarterback through a trade? If they do, there will only be a few options, but Emory Hunt of CBS Sports has an idea.

Hunt believes the Steelers could be a great landing spot for Bears quarterback Justin Fields. He also throws out Jayden Daniels as a possibility, but thinks he could be gone by the time they pick. So, with the Bears having the potential first-overall pick, what if they want to move off Fields? Could Pittsburgh make sense?

“I keep asking, what if Chicago does want to off Justin Fields. That’s an option, an avenue that I think Pittsburgh could go down,” Hunt said. “It wouldn’t shock me to see them call Chicago and see what their temperature with Justin Fields is.”

The Steelers are struggling offensively. At some point, the quarterback has to make a play to spark them. But Pickett is so inconsistent that it’s tough to rely upon. Then, there is the worrying health history growing with him, too. The Steelers will be at a crossroads this offseason with their quarterback. But they’ll need some insurance.

I can’t Fields is magically better, though. He has had highs but is inconsistent and turnover-prone despite his dynamic nature. It might be a slight upgrade, but is giving up assets for a quarterback who might be gone in one year worth it? Instead, the Steelers could just as easily draft a mid-round quarterback if they want someone in that lane. Either way, this is likely to start up the cycle of speculation once again, and Fields is likely at the forefront of it.