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Steelers Tabbed as Landing Spot for Seahawks QB Geno Smith



Geno Smith Steelers playoff

The Steelers’ quarterback situation moving forward is anyone’s best guess. Kenny Pickett might get a crack, but the swerve that could be thrown in is if a proven option the team likes becomes available. Indeed, a mid-ground option seems likely from the extremes, however, that does not stop people from guessing who Pittsburgh could go out and get. The quarterback mill is a never-ending cycle of speculation.

So, the latest name theorized? Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith. Don’t worry, Smith is familiar with the gravitas of the Steelers, he played just an hour down I-79 in Morgantown, West Virginia, with the Mountaineers. But the addition would certainly shake things up. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell threw out his name if the Seahawks want to trade him.

“He (Steelers QB coach Mike Sullivan) was also the offensive coordinator for the Giants during the Ben McAdoo era, when the backup for Eli Manning was current Seahawks starter Geno Smith. Smith isn’t a free agent, but if the Seahawks make a change at quarterback, I wonder if the Steelers would consider trading for him,” Barnwell wrote.

Currently, the Steelers seem likely to move on from Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky. That means they could add through multiple avenues to the room, but even more than that, Smith would escalate from that. He could be brought in as competition for Pickett, but his hefty cap hit would come in at over $30 million. You know what that means? Either Smith would have negotiate the contract down or he would start.

So, it always becomes dicier when the option is shunning Pickett. Fans might say that is easy, but to me, it is hard for the Steelers to do that, especially when they can use Matt Canada’s scheme as the reason that Pickett is faltering in his second NFL season. Still, Smith is a fascinating possibility.