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Steven Sims Giving Steelers Needed Juice in Return Game



Steelers WR Steven Sims

PITTSBURGH — Steven Sims did not know he would have the returner job this early in the season. However, after Gunner Olszewski fumbled the ball twice in the first four games, it was Sims who got the opportunity to get things going for Pittsburgh. And get them going he did. Sims ripped off two massive returns, one on a kick return and another on a punt return, to ignite Pittsburgh’s special teams unit.

Sims is now dealing with a potential hamstring injury that could knock him out. The hope is that Sims can suit up in order to continue his much-needed momentum throughout the past two games. He has not fumbled the ball once and has been the difference-maker that Pittsburgh is looking for in their return man spot. He was stopped short on a massive kick return this past week, and he vows to get into the endzone soon.

“It’s disappointing when you get to this level and you get into the open field like that, you want to make the play,” Sims said. “You want to score. I was upset about it. But one of these weeks, I’m going to get into the endzone.”

For Steven Sims, it is about creating those sparks to help the Steelers’ offense. The unit still struggled along to only 20 points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but Sims put Pittsburgh in positions on short fields to take advantage of his special teams plays. Sims knows that is a hugely important thing that he will look to keep up heading into the future.

“I think it’s major in our offense,” Sims said. “Man, listen, that’s like the first play of the offense. So, if I get a 20 yard return, that’s like getting two first downs. Anyway, I can create, and to help us win or get big plays, I’m going to do it.”

Pittsburgh will hope that Sims can overcome his hamstring injury to play in Miami. Either way, Sims’ contributions against the Buccaneers helped power the Steelers to their first win since Week 1.

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