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Trade Rumors Swirl Around Aaron Donald



Aaron Donald Steelers

The rumor mill is already swirling quite well in the offseason. With the Rams having seemingly low expectations for 2023, rumors around the status of Aaron Donald with the team have begun as well, including the idea that Los Angeles could trade Donald.

Not too long ago, Donald signed a historic contract to stay with the Rams. However, former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi believes that Donald could very well be on the move as the Rams could have their eye towards USC superstar quarterback Caleb Williams.

Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Lombardi believes that the blockbuster move could happen. That would end Donald’s career-long tenure with the Rams and send him elsewhere. Of course, he is a Pittsburgh area native, which will only swirl the rumors on that front, too.

“Say if the Rams start slow, do they at that point trade Aaron Donald at the trade deadline,” Lombardi questioned. “We could have an NBA trade for Donald. He’s truly their only asset.”

The former Pittsburgh Panthers star and Penn Hills native, if on the trade block, will no doubt be the paramount of speculation in Pittsburgh. Other pundits such as Jason McIntyre have questioned if that very thing could happen, too. For the Rams, Donald is under contract until 2025. If they really want to fully reset, maybe moving Donald makes sense, but if they believe Matthew Stafford has anything left, keeping Donald is the right move.

Donald being moved would be one of the biggest trade in recent NFL history. But it would take a very special set of circumstances for that to happen. It would take even more crazy circumstances for the Steelers to be the potential landing spot for him. It’s not that they couldn’t use him, but that type of move from Pittsburgh is one that still has to bring a shadow of a doubt over one’s head given the history of the team.

Regardless, Donald even being mentioned in some trade rumors and speculation at this point in the offseason is rumor mill material that doesn’t seem to have a ton of gravitas to it just yet.