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Super Bowl Odds for Steelers Take Scary Plummet; Best DraftKings Promos



Do you expect the Pittsburgh Steelers to win Super Bowl LVII? Even with a few DraftKings promos, the oddsmakers don’t either. 

DraftKings just updated the Super Bowl odds for all 32 NFL teams, and the Steelers clocked in as a long, long shot at +9000. This comes after the Steelers bounced around between +5000 and +6500 since the beginning of 2022, marking a noticeable plummet for the men in black and gold. 

Now, the Steelers haven’t finished worse than second place in the AFC North since 2012 (and have won the division four times since then). The team hasn’t posted a losing record since 2003. 

Despite various roadblocks, hurdles, bumps, and bruises, the Steelers always seem to find a way to eke into contention. 

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Does that end in 2022-23? 

According to the oddsmakers, the Steelers don’t have a chance this year. 

There’s some merit to the betting line, too. 

Ben Roethlisberger retired after 18 seasons –– 18! –– as the Steelers starting quarterback. The team’s offense in general hasn’t been the same since 2018, and they’ve been flat-outgunned in two straight playoff appearances. 

In 2020, the Browns thumped the Steelers, 48-37, in the postseason, while the Chiefs laid a 42-21 smack down upon the Pittsburgh crew last year. It’s clear that no matter how good the Steelers defense plays during the regular season, they team needs to score points –– and a lot of them –– when the games count in December and January. 

Without Roethlisberger and with questions still surrounding the team’s offensive line, it’s reasonable to expect some struggles on offense once again. 

What to Do with these Steelers Super Bowl Odds

There’s nothing about 90-to-1 odds that inspires confidence. I’m certainly not rushing for my wallet in hopes that the Steelers take home their seventh Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl LVII. 

Unfortunately for Steeler Nation, history suggests the odds might not be too far-fetched, either. 

Check this out: Before the 2005-06 NFL season which resulted in a Steelers Super Bowl XL victory in Detroit, oddsmakers pegged them at +1200 to win it all, just behind the Eagles, Patriots, Colts (all +500) and the Ravens (+1100) entering the season. 

Fast-forward to the 2008-09 campaign, which saw the Steelers capture their sixth Super Bowl victory at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, and it’s more of the same. 

Oddsmakers thought they’d be good, giving them +1800 preseason odds to win it all –– and they were. 

For a more modern comparison near that +9000 mark: Last season the Eagles (9-8, lost Wild Card) had +10000 odds to win it all, while the Giants (4-13, missed playoffs), Raiders (10-7, lost Wild Card), Panthers (5-12, missed playoffs), and Falcons (7-10, missed playoffs) all clocked in at +8000. 

The oddsmakers certainly aren’t perfect –– but they’re usually pretty dang good. 

And that’s a scary fact as Steelers fans stare at +9000 odds to win it all in 2022-23.

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