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Jaguars Eliminated, Let Steelers in Playoffs after Dissing Terrible Towel



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The Steelers are going to the playoffs courtesy of some help from the Tennessee Titans. However, the Jaguars, who let Pittsburgh into the dance have history to draw back on after they disrespected the Terrible Towel after coming to Pittsburgh in October.

Jaguars safeties Andrew Wingard and Rayshawn Jenkins celebrated with a Terrible Towel following Wingard’s interception of Mitch Trubisky. As a result, when the clip hit social media, many people were critical of Wingard.

Wingard responded to all of the vitriol thrown his way. On his Instagram, he calls the Terrible Towel ‘their tiny towels’ while getting at Steelers fans for being emotional about how Wingard treated the towel during the team’s win against the Jaguars.

“These grown men crying about their tiny towels is bringing me so much joy,” Wingard said.

Following that game, they took shots not only at the towel, but at George Pickens, too.

“Man, truly, he needs some advice moving forward,” Wingard told Mia O’Brien of 1010XL. “You never put pressure, expectation on yourself. He did that. If hoping is getting a dub, we’ll take the dub. You don’t fire up a bunch of hungry dogs. It’s not smart. George, do better.”

Now, they are out of the playoffs. Since the towel wave, they lost their division lead, and went 3-6 following the game. All of that led to a decline that now has the Jaguars sitting at 9-8 and eliminated, while the Steelers will have the chance to face either the Bills, Dolphins, or Chiefs in the playoffs.

Jacksonville will now look towards the offseason, while Pittsburgh plays and Wingard and Jenkins will not. This goes back to the Terrible Towel curse, which has been documented several times. This is the latest iteration of it coming back to bite a team. The Steelers will wait for their opponent and find out tonight who they will get.