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Steelers Rip Narratives on George Pickens: ‘Not a Selfish Player’



Steelers WR George Pickens
Steelers WR George Pickens as practice on Jan. 3, 2024 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Jaylen Warren has blocked for George Pickens all season. So, when Pickens did not do well against the Colts, he promised that next time he would. That came around against the Seahawks, where Pickens did throw a block for Warren, springing him for a touchdown. And to say the least, everyone else in the room caught wind of it, including Warren.

Warren has come to the defense of Pickens several times. He wanted to make this play show that Pickens is not a guy who is selfish on the football field.

“It was cool. That is ‘GP,’ he will do that,” Warren said via Chris Adamski. “I knew he was gonna do that. He’s not the selfish player that people make him out to be.”

Pickens has had a strong second season, statistically. After posting 52 catches for 801 yards and four touchdowns as a rookie last year, he has 63 catches for 1,140 yards and five touchdowns so far this season, with one game to go. But still, he has become embroiled in some controversy, but the Steelers and George Pickens have worked hard to dispel that notion. That block caught offensive coordinator Eddie Faulkner’s attention, too.

“I thought that was an awesome impression,” Faulkner said. “I’ll give you an even better one than that. On the play that got called back on Diontae’s (Johnson) turnover, whatever, that they ended up overturning, G.P. form tackles a safety right there in the middle of the field and makes a play, and Diontae is running out from out of bounds to the sideline, and he would have made the tackle.So when you want to talk about the stuff those guys have kind of taken throughout all this, if you want to pull up a clip and look at how that’s changed, that’s the clip to look at.”

All of that comes back to the last two weeks, where Pickens has changed this offense and how it has worked with the introduction of Mason Rudolph into the fold. Neither the Bengals nor the Seahawks had an answer for him, but the Ravens will be his toughest test yet to this point.