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George Pickens Lobbies to Wear No. 1 on Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver George Pickens lobbies to wear No. 1 with the team, despite not handing out the jersey long.



Pittsburgh Steelers WR George Pickens
Pittsburgh Steelers WR George Pickens against the Buffalo Bills, Jan. 15, 2024 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a long-standing tradition of not handing out the No. 1 jersey on their team. It’s not been disclosed why that is, but Justin Fields is wearing No. 2 this year instead of his usual No. 1 that he donned in Chicago. But George Pickens wore the No. 1 jersey at Georgia, and while he wears No. 14 now, he took to Instagram to give a slight wink and nod towards the Steelers to wear that number.

The Steelers have not given that number out since 1999. Pittsburgh has never officially commented on why the uniform number was taken out of circulation. The last player to wear No. 1 for the team was quarterback Anthony Wright in the 1999 preseason. Kicker Gary Andersen last wore it in a regular season game in 1994.

Other Steelers players to wear No. 1 include kicker David Trout in 1981, halfback Merl Condit in 1940, halfback Warren Heller in 1936, and a halfback named Andy Zeher from 1935.

It’s a fascinating situation, but regardless, do not expect Pickens, Fields, or anyone soon to wear that jersey number. Pittsburgh does not seem willing to hand it out, though they are starting to break some precedents on jersey numbers, such as handing a defensive player like Patrick Queen No. 6. Regardless, the Steelers are probably not going to break the No. 1 jersey rule to give it to George Pickens.