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Watch: Joey Porter Jr. Gets First Interception, Celebrates With Dad



Steelers Joey Porter Jr.
Joey Porter Jr. Celebrates With His Dad, Aug. 19, 2023 | Steelers

PITTSBURGH — Joey Porter Jr. has made his impact felt on the Steelers’ second preseason game. In his first game of the year after missing last Friday’s game against the Buccaneers with an ankle injury, Joey Porter Jr. nabbed an interception off Matt Barkley. The play was made when Porter, in Cover 2, bumped Khalil Shakir completely off his route, giving him a clear lane to the ball without Shakir even in the picture.

That is Porter’s main thing. His length means he can play up at the line of scrimmage and his press coverage skills showed off at a high level. In addition, he said the biggest thing that he showed at training camp was that he could catch, and it appears that is coming to fruition on the football field as well.

Following the play, Porter Jr. went over to his dad and former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Joey Porter Sr. and gave him the ball for his first career interception in the NFL. Porter Sr. noted that he was going to fade into the background now that his son is on the Steelers, not wanting to distract from what his son is doing. Of course, this is a cool moment between son and father, and one that Porter Jr. will remember as the first hallmark in his NFL career.