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Steelers Named Potential Landing Spot for Athletic Edge Rusher



Steelers Chase Young

The Steelers are being linked to another trade target, as they seem to be at this time of year every single year. This time, that player would be Washington’s Chase Young, who has emerged as an interesting target around the league after Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated floated that he could be on the market.

“Teams coming out of the spring thinking they need more help may make trade calls on Young (it seems unlikely the Washington brass would move him ahead of a must-win year, but I know they’d be open to listening),” Breer wrote.

However, the plausibility of the Steelers being that landing spot seemed a little far-fetched. Between the likely higher cost of acquiring Young paired with the fact that there is not a clear need immediately or for the future, it just seems like a deal that will not occur.

But the first odds for Young’s next team, if it’s not the Commanders, were released by and the Steelers come in with 8/1 odds, the 7th likeliest odds out of any team. Above them on the list include the Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Houston Texans, and New Orleans Saints. The Steelers are tied with other teams such as the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals to acquire the services of Young.

A former Defensive Rookie of the Year, Young is a talented and worthy trade target for teams that need edge rushing help both now and in the future. But the Steelers seem primed to extend Alex Highsmith, meaning that he and T.J. Watt are the present and future of the position. With Young’s pedigree, even despite the injury, the cost will just outweigh the true need that Pittsburgh will have at that position. Despite the odds, expect this one to not happen.